As one of our partners/hosts, you can organize multiple types of events. It can be one or more events from our suggested tracks, or something completely your own that relates to the Green Transition

Due to the situation of COVID-19, we advise you to be in touch with your country’s regulations on social distancing and event limitations.


For online events and live streams, you can use our hashtag #GIW2020 to be featured on Sustainary’s social media channels. 

Organize a workshop where you can have interactive discussions, develop skills, and involve your participant in a hands-on learning process. 

Hold a conference where you, your peers, and experts within the field can discuss, and  create a platform for people with a common interest. 

For students and young adults, you can join our fellowship program to be one of the pillars supporting the Green Impact Week. 

Host an interview, Q&A, or open-mic event for people to share their thoughts and ideas about the green transition.

Join our Sustainability Expo and showcase your innovative solutions for the chance to interact one-on-one with your peers, investors, and partners.

Promote sustainability through creativity and let your art speak for you. 

Stay curious. Stay informed.

The Green Impact is part of a series of projects targeting the Green Transition.

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