How does it actually work?

The assessment.

Assess the Green Impact of your solution by answering a series of questions about the practices and outputs of your solution across four key areas: Market Adaptation, Life Cycle Analysis, Environmental Impact, and Social Impact.

Here are some examples

Sample questions?

Market Adaptation: 

  • To what extent is your service/product accessible to multiple stakeholders?
  • To what extent are laws/regulations impeding market entry?

Life Cycle Analysis:

  • To what extent are recycled materials used?
  • How long does the product last on average?

Environmental Impact:

  • Is your company aware of how to track their Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions?
  • What impact area(s) is your company targeting? (CO2 emissions, Pollution, Water, Energy, Biodiversity, Waste, etc.)

Social Impact:

  • To what extent do you engage with stakeholders?
  • To what extent does your solution address local communities?