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Green Impact Assessment (GIA) has been created to empower green startups and small businesses.

We believe that their innovative solutions are at the heart of the Green Transition


Designed for assessing startups and small companies who want to start their green journey

Scoring system.


90% on each aspect of the assessment

You have tapped into the ultimate future of our business systems by fully unlocking the potentials of a circular economy. You are providing benefits for the rest of the impact community through your actions of regenerative thinking by regenerating products, services, and income in the process.


75-89% on each aspect of the assessment

You are a beacon, setting the green standards for others to follow your lead. You fuel others' positive impacts with your own agenda, are the connector for your network community with your actions, and guide others along their green impact journey.


60-74% overall score

You are leading the marathon that is your business’ journey, achieving a high degree of green impact and championing your impact for others to follow. You have a great awareness of your impact, but have not yet begun identifying vertical adaptability or target setting.


40-59% overall score

You are a seedling at the beginning of your green growth journey, with a huge potential to become a prosperous and commensal tree. Constantly adapting to new green agendas, solutions, trends, and targets as they become known to you. Your green solution presents great potential but has not integrated its intended market.

How can you get a Green Profile?

Step 1
Submitting information
You will have to answer a series of questions related to your product or service. This information will help surface sustainability aspects of your solution related to the lifecycle framework, the environmental performance of your solution and its social impact.
Step 1
Step 2
Reviewing process
Our team will review and validate the answers given, asking for further information or documentation where necessary.
Step 2
Step 3
After our team’s analysis, we will guide you to understand where your solution is strongest and where it could improve, with particular actions to improve your Green Score.
Step 3
Step 4
You will get a report summarising the scores and insights provided by the analysis and the corresponding badges to the score you obtained.
Step 4
Step 4
Sharing your impact
We will share your Green Profile on our platform and increase your visibility in social media with our communication package.
Step 4