Green Impact DAY

- 27th of January -
Theme: 2021 Green Preview

What is Green Impact Day (GID) ?

A digital 1-day summit with key actors within sustainability. The day will be a combination of talks and panel discussions. GID is the monthly event leading towards the Green Impact Week 2021 (1st week of June 21). The content is going to be streamed live at and will be available to be shared and reshared for the rest of 2021. 


Aim for GID January ?

The aim is to take a deep dive forecast into 2021 with a green lens. We will explore the expectations, the trends and the development in 2021 from the perspective of key actors in driving the green transition in Denmark and Europe.


Our main topic?

What are the key activities, expectation and focus areas in 2021 for the folowing:


  • Brands & Industry

  • Clusters 

  • SME´s 

  • VCs and investment funds 

  • Startups and ecosystem 

  • Public organisations 

  • Cities 

  • EU Commission 


Who we are inviting?

  • Vækstfonden

  • Innovationsfonden

  • DI

  • Dansk Erhverv 

  • Copenhagen Capacity 

  • C40 

  • Copenhagen Business Hub

  • IDA

  • AKA

  • CLEAN Cluster




The venue and speakers will be announced at the beginning of January

Green Impact Days Program 2021

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