What rules are being used?


The methodology framework consists of 4 Key Impact Areas, Awareness Criteria and Risk Criteria. Information and data are drawn from GHG Protocol, ISO and GRI standards, and the SDGs to assess a company’s business model, product life cycle, and ESG impact. Our partners at DTU and Reykjavik University have contributed throughout the creation of the methodology.

Market Adaptation
Life cycle analysis
Environmental Impact
Social Impact
*aspects assessed
*aspects assessed
*aspects assessed
*aspects assessed
Business model, competitive advantage, innovation capacity, accessibility to stakeholders, and vertical adaptability.
Each stage of the life cycle framework.
Water and land pollution, energy usage, CO2 emissions, biodiversity and waste.
Value and impact on the wider community and stakeholders.

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If your solution fails to score above 40%, Sustainary will provide guidance and advice on how to improve your solution’s score.

Validity period.

The assessment is valid for 1 year.

In order to maintain Sustainary’s Green Impact Assessment certification, a company must update their assessment annually by providing updated documentation to ensure that companies continue to uphold their solution’s life cycle and ESG impact as the business grows and develops.