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SDG Tech Awards 2022

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Regenerative agriculture is regarded as an effective method to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) by removing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil. Our tech platform supports the farmers by encouraging them to easily upload data and make plans for their annual harvest cycle. Then, each year, we issue carbon certificates that the farmers can keep, sell with grains to suppliers or where we can sell the certificates for them to climate-conscious corporates that are on their own pathway of decarbonisation.

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Agreena developed one of the world’s first internationally accredited soil carbon certification programs – AgreenaCarbon – which provides farmers access to an additional revenue stream for their regenerative practices. With an underlying scientific methodology aligned to the latest IPCC data, they quantify, measure, and report the GHG emission reductions and carbon removals that can be achieved by farmers transitioning to regenerative agriculture practices. AgreenaCarbon is the world’s largest soil carbon platform, built on innovative farm tech to scale regenerative agriculture and financially incentivize farmers who transition to more climate-friendly practices.


World’s largest soil carbon platform