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SDG Tech Awards 2022

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Water from various sources that would normally go directly to the tap is sent to the Aquaporin Inside® purifier where removal or reduction of bacteria, viruses, pesticides, PFAS and other substances occurs. What comes out of the tap is clean, fresh drinking water that we call “filtered by nature” – this is being done both on an industrial level and on a consumer level.

What are we looking for?

Universal access to clean drinking water is one of the world’s biggest challenges. Billions of people live in water-stressed regions and more lack access to safe drinking water. That is why it is one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all. Aquaporin aims to improve global access to clean drinking water and the related environmental footprint by enabling water filtration close to the end-user. Fresh water scarcity, pollution of groundwater, and resource consumption related to bottled water is a growing global challenge that is accelerated by several megatrends. Global population growth and rising living standards, coupled with global warming, and increased focus on water quality increases the need for water purification systems.


We are a water tech company delivering innovative technology built on nature's own water filtration.