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SDG Tech Awards 2022

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The system automatically issues a notification when it detects moisture build-up and mold risk, and even assesses whether the condition is triggered by occupant behavior and routines or is a malfunction or design flaw in the building systems. The system can either be installed permanently to continuously monitor and optimize the energy management system or be installed for a limited time to check the current performance of the building.

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The current energy crisis in Europe and our continuous research for lowering the energy consumption of buildings will lead to lower indoor temperatures in many buildings. The challenge is that lower temperatures can lead to higher mold formation risk if not done properly. Climaid helps to keep buildings healthy and occupants happy, effectively! The system uses data taken from indoor climate sensors to analyze and recommend to the user how to achieve lower energy consumption while keeping the building and its users healthy. It continuously monitors the indoor climate and calculates, among others, energy efficiency, mold formation risk, moisture build-up, comfort level, and occupancy.


Climaid helps to keep buildings healthy and occupants happy!