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SDG Tech Awards 2019

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First of all don’t get into any direct combat with then. Do not make their names a trend on social media. Let their talk disappear on its own. Protect and activate fire brigades as fast as we can. Improve our code, raise the bar of the technology, and help institutions, NGOs and public sector with real time information to act against environmental crimes.

What are we looking for?

Climate change, human impact on nature and the idea that we need to leave all forest untouched. Because we’d like to share something mind blowing… Forests can provide AND flourish at the same time! This is at the heart of what we’re doing at EcoTree; shifting people’s perspective from seeing forests as either something to protect (good) or cut down (bad). Because humans have a bad habit of messing everything up when it comes to taking what we need from the environment to survive. In the future we envisage, it’s not about survival. It’s about flourishing. And we’re passionate about growing evidence that it’s actually good for our planet to get everyone involved in sustainable timber production.


EcoTree nurtures sustainable timber forests of trees owned by people like you!



Sweden, Denmark