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SDG Tech Awards 2022

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The HEMBOO element is a prefabricated wall panel that goes from floor to ceiling. The walls are simply fitted to the project and produced in the factory, transported to the construction site, placed, and joined together, creating the outer walls of the house in no time. It is an all-in-one solution where hemp provides the insulation and bamboo secures the structural stability.

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The construction industry pollutes heavily in the CO2 accounts with an imprint of 38% of global CO2 (source). The main part of the emissions comes from materials, where concrete alone makes up 7% of global CO2. At the same time, the current concrete consumption means that we will run out of sand and gravel. Hemboo develops a solution to CO2 and resource shortages in the construction industry that can make it easy, fast, and economical to build sustainably. In concrete, they developed a prefabricated, structural wall element made the of bio-based materials hemp and bamboo that can replace typically used sandwich elements (concrete with mineral wool) with a 90% CO2 saving according to the performed LCA.


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