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SDG Tech Awards 2022

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ROCKWOOL’s recycling scheme Rockcycle is a unique, industry first solution for taking responsibility for the product at the end-of life and ensuring the possibility of a transition to a new lifecycle. ROCKWOOL closes the loop and recycles non-combustible stone wool insulation from the market instead of the material being send to land fill. In 2021 approx. 12,000 tons stone wool were recycled through the recycling scheme and ROCKWOOL expects the amount to increase in the coming years.

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When buildings are refurbished, or demolished existing insulation is discarded. With the increasing focus on energy efficiency in buildings (including the EU renovation wave) the amount of old insulation coming into the ‘waste’ stream is growing. The handling of the waste materials is very different depending on the property of the insulation; several insulation types are combustible and are therefore incinerated. Mineral wool – stone wool and glass wool – is non-combustible and cannot be incinerated. Hence land fill is a common disposal solution.


We release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living.