COVID-19 has taken a toll on the global economy. Sustainability, impact, and creativity are becoming the tools forward in our efforts to restore the situation, and are the focal point in creating new economic growth. We believe that as a society, we should come together now to send a clear message: The road ahead can only be green. 


By becoming a host for the Green Impact Week, you are joining a community where transparency, sharing knowledge, and helping one another are our core values. In addition, you will become a part of our network within the Green Impact Alliance, along with the European Commission. This can increase your opportunities, open doors for future sustainable collaboration, and accelerate the green transition. 


At Sustainary, we believe in the power of actions, of wills, and in the tremendous result it can bring towards reaching the goal of sustainable development.


We would be delighted to have you join our community and make impacts towards a better future.

Stay curious. Stay informed.

The Green Impact is part of a series of projects targeting the Green Transition.

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